Coordinated Audits

Audit of the investment project Mária Valéria bridge - Slovak Republic-Hungary (2002)

The audit focused on the assessment of the completion of the tasks and the fulfilment of requirements specified in bilateral agreements and those concluded with the European Union, the compliance with PHARE-regulations, along with the joint financing of the reconstruction of the Bridge over the Danube between Štúrovo and Esztergom, from national resources, as well as the construction of the related infrastructure. The audit covered the regularity of the financing process for the implementation of the project, including compliance with the rules on public procurement and the conclusion of the relevant contracts.

Audit on railway construction Zalalövő-Bajánsenye-Hodoš-Murska Sobota - Slovenia-Hungary (2003)

The regularity audit focused on the planning of the railway investment, the public procurement process and financing of the investment, the ecological aspect of railway construction, as well as other impacts of the investment.

Audit on the protection of nature in Region Lake Neusiedl/Fertő - Austria -Hungary (2003)

Provided that the Hungarian and Austrian national parks and water management agencies cooperate in an organised way in the course of their work, the audit focused on the regularity, the efficiency and effectiveness of cooperation, the utilisation of resources spent on the investment project, as well as ecological issues of implemented and planned programmes and measures. The objective of the audit was to reveal contradictions in the activities of the concerned institutions, to define solutions for their elimination, and to assess the bilateral cooperation.

Audit on the flood control preparedness in the Upper Tisza region - Ukraine-Hungary (2004)

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Hungarian cross border cooperation, parties undertook the obligation to agree on all water management interventions having a cross-border effect preceding their implementation in the catchment area. The audit was carried out on the basis of this principle of cooperation.

The parallel audit was integrated, in case of the State Audit Office of Hungary, in the performance audit task entitled 'Audit of Preparations for the Prevention of Natural Disasters', while in case of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine it was part of the task entitled 'Analysis and Audit of the Execution of the State Programme Covering the Complex Flood Control Preparedness of the Catchment Area of the Tisza River and the Sub-Carpathian Region for the Period 2002 to 2006 and the Forecast until 2015'

Parallel audit of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel and the Szekszárd Danube bridge - Switzerland-Hungary (2005)

The parallel audit focused on transport-infrastructure investments by putting special emphasis on the management of the building-investment contracts concerning the following projects:

  • The Szekszárd bridge construction investment within the context of motorway investments in Hungary;

  • Tunnel construction investments within the context of the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA).

Environmental Audit on the three-border area of Hungary, Slovenia and Austria - Slovenia-Austria-Hungary (2006)

The environmental audits carried out by the three Supreme Audit Institutions covered water, soil and nature protection related topics. The audited area comprised the border region of the three countries with emphasis on the region of Raab/Rába and Mur/Mura border river basin and protected areas. In the audits special focus was put on the cross-border cooperation of the competent authorities of the three participating countries in the field of environment protection.