EURORAI - the European Organisation of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions - was set up on 1 October 1992 during its constitutive Assembly held in Manchester (UK). The organisation is a cooperation project of public sector audit institutions in Europe, which provides platform for the exchange of experiences, as well as enables regional audit institutions to make progress in the common field of regional and local public sector financial audit. In order to achieve its goals defined in its Statutes, EURORAI organises meetings, conferences and seminars, as well as promotes the edition of joint publications, surveys and the exchange of professionals. EURORAI undertakes its activity through its standing organs. These are the General Assembly, the Management Committee and the General Secretariat. The General Assembly is the supreme body of EURORAI and its sessions take place at least once every three years when the Management Committee convenes a Congress. The Congress discusses subject matters related to the objectives of EURORAI.

The Management Committee is composed of seven members and meets at least once every year. Its duties contain the adoption of the necessary decisions to ensure the proper functioning of EURORAI in line with the guidelines laid down by the General Assembly, approval of a draft budget for submission to the General Assembly for its final approval, as well as setting up technical committees and study groups.

The Sindicatura de Comptes de la Generalitat Valenciana holds the General Secretariat. (The seat of this institution is also the Headquarters of EURORAI.). The General Secretariat shall prepare the meetings of the Management Committee, prepare the draft budget of EURORAI and submit it to the Management Committee and carry out the decisions adopted by the General Assembly and the Management Committee.

The State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) participated in the activities of EURORAI for the first time at the III Congress in Strasbourg in 1998 as an observer. The SAO has been an associate member of EURORAI since the IV Congress of the organisation held on 7 October 2001 in Graz. Although there are no regional audit institutions in Hungary, the audit of local authorities is conducted by the Local Government and Regional Audit Directorate within the SAO. In the last years the quality and effectiveness of the audits of local governments has continuously increased in Hungary, and it has become a strategic goal to ensure the further development of these audits.

During the V Congress, which took place in Moscow in 2002, it was decided that co-operation between EURORAI and the SAO would be placed on to a more practical level. This co-operation included the development of a common terminology relevant to regional auditing of public funds, the exchange of experiences related to auditing the financial management of hospitals, as well as the utilisation of relevant audit findings.

Representatives of the SAO participate actively in seminars and workshops of the organisation, where they have gained relevant and useful experiences in relation to for instance the reporting activity of SAIs, communication of the audit results, audits of public schools, as well as risk based auditing. SAO colleagues delivered several presentations during EURORAI events, such as the VI EURORAI Congress on The audit facing new forms of financing and outsourcing of public activities in Crans-Montana, the EURORAI international conference on 'Social welfare audit' in Bydgoszcz and the EURORAI international conference on Public environmental auditing in Barcelona.