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IX. EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference

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The State Audit Office of Hungary will host the forthcoming IX. EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference on „Increasing the impact of SAI’s work” which will take place from 9 to 11 September 2020, in Budapest, Hungary. The event will be organised in close co-operation with the General Secretariats of EUROSAI and OLACEFS.

The main theme of the IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference will be: “Increasing the impact of SAI’s work”. The topic is highly relevant worldwide and is in line with the guidelines of the 2030 Agenda and, specifically SDGs 16 & 17. This central theme encompasses many important subthemes, such as:

- Relation with the Government and Auditees;
- Relation with the Congress/Parliament;
- Stakeholders engagement;
- Relations with the Media
- Relation with public prosecutor’s offices, prevention and tackling of corruption;
- Ways how SAIs measure their impact.

The State Audit Office of Hungary considers the above-mentioned perspectives topical from the point of view of the community of Supreme Audit Institutions, therefore SAIs can provide valuable contribution to the organisation of the IX. EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference. In addition, Conference participants would benefit from the knowledge sharing concerning good practices and experiences.

Since the State Audit Office of Hungary celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation also in 2020, it is a great occasion to organize the IX EUROSAI-OLACEFS Joint Conference and the festive event of the 150th anniversary hand in hand. The combination of these events offers a good opportunity to involve our esteemed delegates of the Joint Conference in the 150th anniversary celebration that highlights the values, traditions and history of our institution.

Further information concerning the event will be communicated in due course.