Multilateral International Relations

The State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) develops its multilateral international relations with the aim of improving the quality of audit culture and utilising its experiences.

Hungary has been a member of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) since 1968. As recognition of the active participation in the work of the international organisation, our institution had the honour to organise the XVIII INCOSAI in 2004. Consequently, the President of the SAO became the Chairman of the INTOSAI Governing Board (2004-2007).

The SAO has lively relationship with the European Organisation of INTOSAI (EUROSAI), as well as with the European Organisation of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions (EURORAI).

The tight relations established with SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management) Programme - aiming at supporting Central and Eastern European Countries in their government and public management activities - also played a significant role in preparing the SAO successfully for joining the EU.

Since Hungary's EU membership, the SAO has become an active and equal partner in the co-operation network of EU Member State SAIs and the ECA (i.e. Contact Committee).

In 1991, the State Audit Office of Hungary initiated the establishment of the co-operation network of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Visegrád countries to which the SAIs of Austria and Slovenia also joined at a later stage (V 4+2). Activities carried out within this forum primarily aim at enforcing the specific Central European interests within the European Union by making joint actions and representing common positions.

The SAO also has substantive professional relationship with the International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN). The professional relation between the two organisations has already become intensive before Hungary's NATO membership (1999).

Our institution also maintains close relations with the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM). In 1998, the SAO joined the organisation as Government Institution Member. In addition, the SAO President represents the State Audit Office of Hungary in the Board of Directors.

Between 2003 and 2006 a SAO representative was a member of OECD Board of Auditors that is responsible for the independent external auditing of the financial management of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.