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ECA represents the institutional memory – interview with Geoffrey Simpson

2013. 05. 23. 12:26
On the occasion of the EU liaison officers’ annual meeting, Mr. Geoffrey Simpson, liaison officer of the European Court of Auditors, was asked some topical questions related to the working group paper whose preparation was coordinated by ECA, the role of the liaison officers and the Court’s special responsibilities.
In its meeting in October 2012, the Contact Committee adopted a resolution setting up a Task Force to consider and report back on the future tasks and roles of SAIs. In the framework of the newly established ‘Task Force on the tasks and roles of external public audit in the light of recent developments in European Union economic governance’, a working group consisting of the troika (the past, present and future Chairs of the Contact Committee) and the SAI of Poland elaborated a paper on making the work of the Contact Committee more effective.
When asked about the main findings of the working group, Mr. Simpson mentioned the importance of information being available as early as possible.

As regards the role of liaison officers he emphasised their tasks in relation to the preparation of the Contact Committee meeting. 

As the European Court of Auditors is a constant member of the troika, Mr. Simpson was also asked, whether it means any special responsibilities for them. As the ECA’s liaison officer explained, it represents a level of continuity and also a sort of institutional memory.