Joint declaration of the leaders of public sector institutions cooperating in acting against corruption since 2011

2020. 09. 23. 09:30

Joint declaration of the Ministry of Interior, the State Audit Office of Hungary, the Curia, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the National Office for the Judiciary, the Public Procurement Authority, the Hungarian National Bank and the Hungarian Competition Authority.

On the initiative of the State Audit Office of Hungary, the Minister of Public Administration and Justice, Prosecutor General of Hungary, the President of the Supreme Court and the President of the the Supreme Court of Justice signed a joint declaration in Budapest on 18th November 2011 in which they made a moral commitment of strengthening the resilience of the public sector institutions against corruption, and developing an anti-corruption instrument.

The National Office for the Judiciary joined the cooperation in 2012, followed by the Ministry of Interior in 2014. In 2016, on the fifth anniversary of the cooperation, the Public Procurement Authority and the Hungarian National Bank acceded, and in 2020 the Hungarian Competition Authority expressed its intention to join.

We believe that integrity, ethical conduct and operation are one of the cornerstones of a well-governed state helping to maintain trust in the state and prevent corruption.

Article 39 (2) of the Fundamental Law of Hungary stipulates that “every organisation managing public funds shall be obliged to publicly account for its management of public funds. Public funds and national assets shall be managed according to the principles of transparency and the purity of public life.” In Hungary, therefore, action against corruption is present at the constitutional level in the Fundamental Law of Hungary underpinning the rule of law.

We declare that thanks to the inter-institutional cooperation established in 2011, the action against corruption has been strengthened in Hungary. The annual integrity surveys conducted by the State Audit Office confirm that integrity control systems ensuring the prevention of corruption are widely established in the Hungarian public sector. On this basis, the State Audit Office of Hungary consistently audits the design and operation of integrity controls in public sector institutions providing protection against corruption.

We state that the Fundamental Law of Hungary and the Hungarian laws constitute an effective framework for the rule of law to fight against corruption, and the integrity approach ensuring the suppression and prevention of corruption has been strengthened and institutionalized in Hungary since 2010.

Struggling againts corruption through criminal law - thanks to the joint action of law enforcement and judicial authorities - has achieved significant results supported by statistical data since the signing of the joint declaration.

We agree that Hungary's economic performance, the dynamic growth of the Hungarian economy in recent years and its sustainable whitening confirm the effectiveness of systemic action against corruption. Protection of these results requires targeted action and close cooperation.

We state that in Hungary the rule of law is properly enforced in the fight against corruption and the organizations led by us are committed in cooperating againts corruption. To that effect, they will act in accordance with the objectives of the medium-term National Anti-Corruption Strategy for the 2020-2022 period.

The joint declaration was made by:

Dr. Sándor Pintér, Minister of Interior

László Domokos, President of the State Audit Office of Hungary

Dr. Péter Darák, President of the Curia

Dr. Péter Polt, Prosecutor General

Dr. György Senyei, President of the National Office for the Judiciary

Dr. György Matolcsy, President of the Hungarian National Bank

Dr. László Kovács, President of the Public Procurement Authority

Csaba Balázs Rigó, President of Hungarian Competition Authority.


Budapest, 23 September 2020