President Domokos’ presentation at the EUROSAI-ARABOSAI Conference

2013. 04. 22. 00:00
László Domokos, President of the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) held a presentation at the IV EUROSAI-ARABOSAI Conference. At the event, the Baku Statement aiming to strengthen the status and mandates of SAIs was also adopted.
As in the previous joint conferences, the State Audit Office of Hungary participated in the event also this time. High-ranking participants from more than 45 SAIs attended the event with the aim of promoting continuous knowledge-sharing and the exchange of professional experience.

The main topic of the conference held in Baku between 15-18 April was ‘Modern challenges for SAIs’ capacity building’.
Within that, presentations were delivered in three sub-topics:
1. Responsibilities of Supreme Public Authorities arising from challenges of UN General Assembly Resolution A/66/209 of 22 December 2011,
2. Role of SAIs in achieving national development goals,
3. Importance of specifying the boundaries and targets of external and internal public financial control in improving public financial management.

Under the first topic dealing with the independence of SAIs, President László Domokos held a presentation, while under the third topic Mr. Bálint Molnár, auditor, delivered a short intervention.
The President of SAO spoke about the implementation of the UN Resolution, with special regard to the independence of the State Audit Office of Hungary in terms of transparency and accountability.

As a closing document of the conference, the participants also adopted the Baku Statement that acknowledges the work of INTOSAI and its regional working groups, highlights the importance of raising awareness to the UN Resolution and also encourages the application of modern forms for the exchange of experience, as well as the widespread dissemination of good practices.