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Press release: The State Audit Office of Hungary published the press products’ price lists for advertisements

2014. 02. 03. 14:23
The State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) published the price lists of 829 press products for their advertisements in the election campaign period. The SAO made available the price lists on its website in a breakdown by press products, with assuming no legal responsibility for their content.
According to the Act on Election Procedures, in the campaign period preceding the 2014 parliamentary elections political advertisements can be published only by those press organs which previously sent their advertisement price lists to the State Audit Office of Hungary. Publishers could do it according to the Act within five working days after the adoption of the decision on the date of the elections, thus until midnight of 24 January 2014.

The State Audit Office of Hungary processed those advertisement price lists which were received until the deadline and were in compliance with legal provisions. The price lists are available at, broken down by press products. On the website, the advertisement price list of 467 printed and 362 electronic press products can be found.

The received price lists were published by the SAO with the content required by law. Price lists delivered to the SAO after the expiry of the deadline were ignored.

The State Audit Office of Hungary does not assume any legal responsibility for the content of the price lists received from the press organs. The institution acts in all issues related to the electoral campaign pursuant to the legal regulations in force and as a body applying the law.

State Audit Office of Hungary