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SAO presentation at the meetings of UNIDO

2013. 05. 14. 00:00
Two of UNIDO’s geographic groups held meetings on 13 May 2013, in Vienna. The experts of the State Audit Office of Hungary took the opportunity to present the application of László Domokos for the position of external auditor of UNIDO.
Two geographic groups of UNIDO (including Eastern- and Western-European countries, Turkey and Japan) held meetings on 13 May 2013, at the United Nations Office in Vienna. Experts of the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) presented the application of László Domokos for the position of external auditor of UNIDO.

In his presentation, Gyula Pulay, supervisory manager, underlined that the goal of the SAO is to promote the transparent and sound management of public finances with value creating audits performed on a solid professional basis, thus contributing to ’good governance‘, which is in line with the values represented by UNIDO.

Mr Pulay presented the new Act on SAO, as a milestone in the life of the organisation, reinforcing its independence and providing it with a broad mandate. The latter could prove particularly useful in performing the task of the external auditor, since ’the extensive professional expertise obtained by the SAO during different regularity, financial and performance audits will enable us to act as an advisor to UNIDO, thus contributing to the effective and efficient operation of the organisation‘.

The supervisory manager also emphasised that the SAO establishes its professional rules of auditing independently and taking into account the standards defined by INTOSAI.

On top of its audit activities, the SAO also strives to contribute to the development of Hungarian public finances, acting as an advisor and a scientific hub for knowledge. Mr. Pulay presented in this context the Integrity project, which aims to identify corruption risks, the Good Practices Database, developed in cooperation with an international working group, as well as Public Finance Quarterly, the scientific journal published by the SAO.

International experience will play an important role during the evaluation of the applications; Mr Pulay highlighted that the President of the SAO took up the position of the Chairman of the INTOSAI Governing Board from 2004 to 2007. ’We also have experience in international auditing, since upon the request of the Danube Commission – an intergovernmental organisation consisting of eleven member states – the SAO performed the audit of the organisation’s financial statements for the year 2006.’

The staff of the SAO will serve as the professional basis of our work, who will participate – following a rigorous internal application procedure – in different audit and language trainings and courses, in order to be able to successfully perform the task of external auditor.

The State Audit Office of Hungary has applied for the position of external auditor of UNIDO in February 2013. The final decision on the applications will most likely be made by the General Council of UNIDO in December 2013. It is a task of outstanding importance for the SAO to support the President in becoming the external auditor of UNIDO, for the utilisation and the further development of our international audit experience.