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Seminar on Beijing Declaration

2013. 05. 16. 12:55
The National Audit Office of the People's Republic of China (CNAO), the host of the upcoming INTOSAI Congress organised a seminar for the discussion of the Beijing Declaration to be adopted at the next INCOSAI. At the event, the State Audit Office of Hungary was represented by Mr. Tihamér Warvasovszky, Vice-President and Dr. Gyula Pulay, Supervisory Manager.
The seminar was opened by Mr. Liu Jiayi, Auditor General of CNAO. In his speech, he underlined that it is a priority objective of the National Audit Office of China that the Beijing Declaration expresses the common position of member SAIs. It is for this reason that they considered it important that the text of the declaration be discussed not only via e-mail, but also in person by the representatives of member SAIs. The participants of the seminar made several clarifying and supplementary proposals for the draft. These will be utilised in the course of the revision of the document, and the new draft will be circulated among member SAIs again.

In their comment, the Hungarian delegation led by Mr. Tihamér Warvasovszky called the attention to the fact that supreme audit institutions can contribute to sustainable development mainly if they audit the sustainability of budget policies and the efficiency of the utilisation of public funds and public property. Dr. Gyula Pulay, Supervisory Manager pointed out that budgetary rules are adopted in more and more countries. The audit of such rules could be an important task for SAIs in the future. Dr. Pulay presented briefly the role of the State Audit Office of Hungary in the audit of the public debt rule.

The event provided opportunity for the Hungarian delegation to discuss issues related to the application of SAO to the position of external auditor of UNIDO with the CNAO managers responsible for international issues.