Evaluation of the Utilisation of EU Funds in Micro-Regions

Mónika Katona Lambertné
PhD student, PhD candidate, Assistant Professor, Budapest Business School, Zalaegerszeg College of Business and Accountancy

Published in: Public Finance Quarterly 2012/4 (p. 453-473.)

Summary: The publication examines the structure of projects implemented with Eu co-financing – at a statistical micro-region level – and their applicant-level practices in two time-ranges for the period after Hungary’s accession to the empirical analysis comprises secondary and primary research. The methodology applied focuses on the complex analysis of theproject development and Eu fund utilisation activities of micro-regions and project managers. Within the framework of secondaryresearch, I systemised and analysed, using statistical methods, the supported projects of the statistical micro-regions of Zala County. as part of my primary research, using the in-depth interview method, I uncovered the principles of micro-region level strategy making, focusing on grant utilisation activities. as a result of the representative sampling procedure, I have mapped out the fund utilisation and project planning practices of winning applications. my research results:
1. Compared to its economic potential, Zala County received a proportionately higher amount of Eu funds.
2. In the statistical micro-regions examined, we have observed local grant application success. We have also observed a strong correlation between the value of grants and settlement size.
3. mplemented projects fit the socio-economic characteristics of the micro-regions.
4. at the level of economic players, familiarity with and application of project planning methods is low.
In conclusion, we can state that developments in the county implemented using Eu funds have promoted economic development, improved the standards of living and helped the management of social problems.

Keywords: micro-region, project, tender, sample-based research, situation analysis

Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) kód: R58, O22, G38, C83, C43

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