Pillars of Good Governance

A series of individual studies entiled „Pillars of Good Governance – Focus on State Audit Office of Hungary as a Supreme Audit Institution” presents the role of supreme audit institutions in the promotion of good governance in an international comparison, defines the criteria, principles, requirements, instruments and scopes of influence of good governance, and gives an account of the way in which the requirements on the support of good governance were fulfilled at the State Audit Office of Hungary.

Our series of studies is one of the most important intellectual products of the past five years. As a model organisation, our goal is to share “good practices” both in Hungary and abroad, whereby we not only aim to support good governance, but also to shape attitudes about the state and public life and to improve public thinking.

Individual Studies


Introduction of ambassador Colleen Bell

Supreme Audit Institutions' Contribution to Good Governance
Cornerstones of Supporting of Good Governance
Contribution of the State Audit Office of Hungary to the Quality of the Legislation

Audit and its Utilization at Auditees

Transparency of Public Finance Management
Establishing the Culture of Integrity in the Hungarian Public Sector
Guarding Budget Sustainability

Supporting Good Governance in Audit Planning
Value Creation and Conservation
 Supporting the Effectiveness of Governance

 Renewal of Public Management