Cooperation with the Ludovika University of Public Service

The Ludovika University of Public Service (UPS) and the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) concluded a cooperation agreement covering training, education, professional practice, joint research and professional programs on 27 November at the University.

The cooperation covers, among other things, the development of subjects and teaching materials, as well as scientific and professional cooperation, primarily in the field of education and further development of the specialized courses such as Public Finance Management and Audit, Integrity Consulting, and Public Service Management. In addition, the conduct of joint research and professional programs in the field of public finance management and public financial sustainability is also part of the cooperation, furthermore the SAO can participate in training courses related to the portfolio of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies and in the preparation of related teaching materials.

The SAO pays special attention to scientific collaborations, the purpose of its partnerships is to contribute to the broad utilization of the organization’s activities and the development of a professional-scientific dialogue at the social level.

UPS, as a recognized higher education institution for political science and public service in the Central European region, the base institution for training public service professionals in Hungary, which provides high-quality education in public administration and public finance, is committed to education for a more transparent and efficient use of public funds. With its research, the university makes a significant contribution to the development related to the usage and audit of public finances carried out for the sake of scientific and professional results.

With the conclusion of the cooperation agreement, the SAO and the UPS have the joint intention to provide a space for joint responsibility towards future generations and the promotion of the public good in bachelor’s and master’s education, as well as in postgraduate specialist training courses, through the coordinated and efficient use of their resources and the mutual sharing of information.

Article: Zsófia Sallai, Photo: Dénes Szilágyi