MPGE Association

MPGE is the Hungarian Association of Financial and Economic Auditors. The aim of the Association is to promote the development of auditing methods and to increase the prestige of auditing by uniting financial and economic auditing professionals in a single organisation, to contribute to the knowledge development of its members and to the mutual exchange of audit experience.

The Association’s executive officers are heads of state audit organs, such as the President of the Association is always the acting President of the State Audit Office of Hungary. The Association’s membership, which currently exceeds 1600, is mainly made up of staff from public audit institutions.

The main pillars of the Association are the 21 county organisations (2 in Budapest: Buda and Pest), which, together with the Association’s 7 sections, form the basis of the Association’s professional work. The Association is also assisted by 4 committees: the Supervisory Committee, the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, the Methodology Committee and the Qualifications and Training Committee.

Further information on MPGE is available at the website of the Association.

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