László Windisch: “Today’s society is also responsible for the future generation”

“Are we passing on anything to the next generation other than debt?” – was the main question that the heads of SAIs of the V4+2 group sought to answer jointly during their traditional annual summit in Graz this June.

President of the State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) stressed that we must take this question seriously and explained in his presentation what the SAO is doing to ensure that we do not merely pass on a burden to our successors. He said that sustainability is our institution’s important focus point, which means not using up resources that future generations need and not leaving them with a heavy burden. The SAO’s priority is to – in addition to the accumulation of financial debt –raise awareness of other problems that are not visible to the naked eye, and to ensure that the next generation has fewer problems to face in the future.

The Austrian Presidency of 2024 will be followed by the Hungarian Presidency, so Hungary will host the annual summit in 2025.