President of the SAO attended the annual meeting of the EU Contact Committee

The Portuguese Supreme Audit Institution hosted the annual meeting of the EU Contact Committee, a network of the heads of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) of European Union Member States and the European Court of Auditors, which was held in Lisbon on 21-22 June 2023. The main topic of the agenda included issues related to energy. In this context the heads of SAIs discussed how their institutions could contribute to a better and more sustainable implementation of national and EU policies towards the achievement of the EU’s 2030 energy goals and targets.

As a result of the discussions, the participating members of the Contact Committee agreed to strengthen their cooperation on energy-related auditing issues at a strategic level, by regularly consulting and sharing their audit experience. This cooperation will take place in the framework of a newly established EU Audit Network on Energy, which the State Audit Office of Hungary intends to join.

The event in addition provided an opportunity for bilateral discussions with closely cooperating partners from the Visegrad network (V4+2 cooperation), and with other heads of participating SAIs. Besides the above the meeting participants also reviewed the activities of the professional working groups carrying out their activities within the Contact Committee framework and discussed the possibilities for future cooperation.