Publication discipline has improved a lot due to the audits of the State Audit Office of Hungary

In the course of its recently closed audit, the State Audit Office of Hungary evaluated the activities of eleven organisations and enterprises, in case of which deficiencies were found in the fulfilment of disclosure requirements. The audit of the SAO of Hungary focused on whether the fulfilment of the disclosure requirement of the organisations improved as a result of the audit. As a result of the audit, most of the audited organisations remedied the publication of missing documents, data, and information on their websites.

In the case of owners and state-owned enterprises performing public tasks, the electronic publication of public data is of fundamental importance from the point of view of the transparency of the functioning of public life. Among others, this also applies for organisational and personnel data stipulated in the Act on the right to informational self-determination and on the freedom of information, data on activity, operation and financial management, as well as in case of public enterprises, the report according to the Act on accounting. The SAO of Hungary also examined the fulfilment of the disclosure requirement of the „Public data” link on the opening page.

As a result of the audit, the audited organisations partially or fully remedied the publication of the missing documents, data and information on their websites upon receiving the questionnaire sent to verify disclosure.

Full text report is available in Hungarian here.