Slovenian-Hungarian bilateral discussions: Presidential meeting at the SAI of Slovenia

A delegation of the State Audit Office of Hungary, led by President dr. László Windisch, visited Ljubljana at the invitation of the President of the Slovenian Court of Audit, Jana Ahčin. The two supreme audit institutions maintain close relations within the framework of the Visegrad Cooperation and the network of EU SAIs. The presidential level meeting took place alongside this close cooperation of the SAIs, in the framework of which, due to the similarity of audit mandates of the SAIs, a number of audit-related issues were discussed.

dr. László Windisch, President of SAO Hungary and Jana Ahčin, President of the Slovenian Court of Audit

During the meeting, the representatives of the institutions reviewed in detail the audit practices and challenges of the audit of financial management of political parties, the building of a data warehouse as a basis for audit work and the procedures for a risk-based selection of audit topics. In addition, the representatives of the two SAIs discussed the organizational framework of the SAIs’ audits and the maintenance of stakeholder relations.

As a further step in the close cooperation between the two SAIs, the possibility of a future cooperative audit arose. This could cover auditing several issues related to energy transition, an actual challenge within the international audit community, with the possibility of further partner institutions joining.