The State Audit Office of Hungary continued to audit the financial management of small settlements

The SAO of Hungary continued its series of audits with the purpose of contributing to the promotion of the regular, expedient and effective financial management of disadvantaged settlements, thereby to the fulfilment of the objectives of the catch-up of settlements.

Villages included in the Emerging settlements programme launched by the Hungarian government in 2019 to facilitate the catch-up of the poorest settlements are also among the ones selected on the basis of the risk analysis. The aim of the government program is to improve the living conditions of those who live in the concerning small settlements.

After the previously audited three settlements, the SAO of Hungary audited the financial management of four other municipalities (Porva, Románd, Szakácsi, Vértesboglár). In order to eliminate the revealed deficiencies, which are often significant, as well as to create the conditions for regular operation, the SAO of Hungary formulated proposals for the heads of local governments and institutions. The reports are public, and the findings serve as guidelines for the heads of the settlements to be audited at a later stage.